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IELTS speaking test

ICorrect app which imitates IELTS Speaking Test helps users in self-improving speaking skills
and taking a full speaking test to get band score from experts.

Virtual Test

Practicing speaking with native-english virtual examiners anytime and anywhere.

Connecting to Examiners

Connecting directly to examiners to get band score, problems and solutions.

Learning social network

Connecting users to create a learning social network that allows users to share learning tips and help each other.


The virtual test is designed based on the real test and verified by expert team.

When users take an IELTS Speaking test on ICorrect app, there is a native-english virtual examiner asking them the questions that exactly follow the real IELTS Speaking test.

After each question, ICorrect app will record the speech of user automatically.

Candidate can ask examiner to repeat the question if it is not clear.



Icorrect offers the scoring service that allows users to send their speaking test to Icorrect’s IELTS examiners to receive score with a small fee.

The response from examiners will give user their score according to IELTS speaking skill scoring criteria.


User can also know all the existing problems in their speaking test and receive advice as well as sample from examiners so that they can orient themselves in their IELTS preparation.

Any further question from users can be sent to the examiner who score their speaking test with a Q&A support.

Icorrect Video

with just some simple clicks you can take the test with a virtual examiner, connect with other learner globally and receive comment from them.

Social network

ICorrect encourages user to learn from others who have the same target.

User can share their speech on ICorrect app, give feedbacks and follow each other to make a learning community.

The excellent speeches will be scored and given some helpful advices by our expert team every week.

Users can motivate each other to learn and practice IELTS Speaking by sharing their speech, giving and getting feedbacks.

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Our team

Icorrect Developer Team - includes experts and professional engineers who have deep experience in developing mobile app.
Icorrect expert team - with a team of highly qualified expert and many years of experience, it helps you know exactly what to do to improve.


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IELTS examiner


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What they say about us

In the vignettes and other embellishments of
some ancient books you will at times meet.

I have used many applications for improving my speaking, but this one has stolen my heart. so, I have got the confidence that i would score in the coming attempt. once I get the score, i would be the happiest person in the world. To be frank, the next attempt is my 9 one and I have not scored 7 in speaking ever.

manoj thomas

Awsome app,ielts aspirants must have this in thier pocket. This sort of practice with real evaluator goves more confidence to the students and encourages them to spend more time on speaking too especially to those students who prefer self study for ielts.

Prathyusha kvlnsss

it is a good app i have been using from a month . its really help to improve my speaking as well as decrease this we have a chance to recheck our voice .thank you to icorrect.

Krishna Reddy

It is exceptional,I love it.It will help me to boost up confident and fulfilled my demands.I am happy to find out this great app.

Sasik mahmud

Belive me when i open the app and start my part 1 of speaking module. It looks that i officially gaving the exam. Very well designed app. Thanks. :)

joginder sharma

Love this app i got 7 bands in spk with the help of this plz also create app for writing bcz i got very low band scores in this module.

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